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Temporary Skills Shortage Visa - Subclass 482

482 Application

Key requirements for this visa

Qualifying Requirement
The employer has an approved and current sponsorship
The nominated position is approved
Skills Requirement
The visa applicant has the skills that match those required for the vacancy for which they have been nominated.
Wage Requirement
The visa applicant will be paid the salary indicated in the nomination or higher.
Language Requirement
The visa applicant possesses at least vocational English completed within 3-years prior to the date an application is lodged.

The maximum period of visa validity is 4 years, but in some circumstances can be extended, provided sponsorship and visa criteria are met. The visa term will depend on the duration of the employment agreement with your employer and the occupation's listing on the skills shortage list.

For more information on your chances to migrate under this category, please complete our free online assessment form for us to determine your eligibility.

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