The Sydney Migration Specialists Assessment Engine


Welcome to the Sydney Migration Specialists assessment engine, designed to asertain your chances to immigrate to Australia via the skilled independent, skilled nominated, skilled regional sponsored, 457, employer nominated or student visa stream.

The following interactive questionare should take about 5 minutes to complete and is designed to assess key information that will determine your visa eligibility. If there are questions you are unsure about, leave them blank or return to them later using the PREVbutton. Only questions marked with and asterix (*) are compulsory.

Upon submission, your information and eligibilty will be sent securley to one of our migration agents for full assessment and recomendation. You should also receive a summary of your submission and further detail to your provided email. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation after submission, please feel free to contact us.


Personal Details

Please enter your personal details including your e-mail address and age. Fields marked with an Asterix * are mandatory. Select NEXT to proceed or PREV to return and edit prior selections.

First Name(*)
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Surname/Family Name(*)
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English Skills

Select one of the following options to indicate your level of assessed English language capability. If you are a citizen of a native English speaking country and do not wish to claim proficient or superior English capability, select Native English

IELTS Result

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PTE Academic Result

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CAE Advanced Results

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TOEFL English Results

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Native English

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Only citizens from the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, USA and RoI not wishing to claim higher than competent English, can apply


Work Experience

Please select from the following drop down menus your level of work experience in your nominated occupation or closely related occupation.

Australian Work Experience
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Overseas Work Experience
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Work Experience Detail
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If you wish to claim work experience please indicate in the text area:

1. The dates you worked

2. The companies you have worked for

3. The Country the company was located in

4. The position you held at the company

5. Your work duties (at least 5)

Attach Resume
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Alternatively please upload your Resume and our migration agents will incorporate it into your assessment.


Educational Qualifications

Please select your level of education or recognised award qualification.

Education Qualification
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Recognition of Australian Study
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If you have completed more than 2 years full time study at a registered Australian Academic Institution (CRICOS), please provide the course name and dates you were enrolled.

Regional Study

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Did you study in an Australian regional area?

Professional Year

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Did you complete an approved Professional Year in your nominated occupation?

NAATI Certification
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Have you received NAATI accreditation as either a translator or interpreter? If so please indicate credentialed language.


Partner Skills

If you intend to include your partner on your application, please indicate if they meet the following criteria.

Question 1

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Question 1 - Will your partner be included on the same visa application as you?

Question 2

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Question 2 - Is your partner an Australian permanent resident or citizen?

Question 3

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Question 3 - Will your partner be less than 50 years old at the time of application?

Question 4

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Question 4 - Does your partner possess competent English?

Question 5

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Question 5 - Has your partner been employed in a skilled occupation for at least 12 months?

Question 6
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Question 6 - Will your partner nominate an occupation on the same SOL as you? If so, what occupation will they nominate?



Please indicate if you have received, (or are intending to apply for) the following types of sponsorship.

State Nomination

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Nomination by a state or territory government under a state migration plan.

Relative or State Sponsorship

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Sponsorship by an eligible relative living in a designated area or nomination by a State or Territory government under a State migration plan.

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